At the beginning of my Whole30 we went to camp with some friends. I navigated well and stayed on track.  You can read about it here.

The husband recently built a fire ring and wanted to try it out.  It was day 28 of my Whole30.  We invited people and bought food for mountain pies and s’mores.  It was the day after the munchkin’s birthday party so we had some fruit and cupcakes left over.

I cooked thawed scallops in a pie iron with ghee and Old Bay seasoning.  (make sure to get the lower sodium option, as the other has brown sugar in it.)  You can’t fit a lot of scallops into a mountain pie iron, so I made them twice.  The second time I threw in some asparagus pieces that my grandma brought from her garden.


I mentioned in another post that I would be trying to cook a plantain on the fire as well.  It turned out great!  I just placed the entire, ripe plantain, skin and all, right at the edge of the fire.  It did have two small holes in it, because I intended to cook it  on a hot dog fork, but decided it was too soft. I turned it over after about 5 minutes.  After another five minutes, it began oozing liquid-y plantain goodness from the holes left by the fork, so I removed it.

I carefully pulled the skin off with my fingers and utensils, cut it down the center, and spread cashew butter on it.  I then sprinkled it with unsweetened coconut flakes and cinnamon.

It was delicious!  I didn’t want to share, really, but most of the people at our fire had never eaten a plantain.  So I couldn’t keep it all to myself!